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Project Details

The Astro NaughtiesThe Astro NaughtiesThe Astro NaughtiesThe Astro NaughtiesThe Astro NaughtiesThe Astro Naughties

By Thorsten

On 09, Jan 0009 | In | By Thorsten

The Astro Naughties

Student project at Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg

My responsibilities included

  • Working on the core game design with students of different backgrounds
  • Communicating with illustrator
  • Initiating play tests
  • Communicating results of play test with team
  • Coming up with a silly pun that works as the game title
  • Communicating with copy shop for the final print
  • Writing the manual
  • Finalizing/polishing of the prototype


“The Astro Naughties” is a competitive board game about robbing banks in space.
Players can choose out of 4 characters, each of them with their own backstory and ways of robbing the bank.


Full Credits:

Idea & Game Design
Quirin Fischer
Joshua Weikert
Thorsten Fietzek

Thorsten Fietzek

Illustration & Design
Kiana Naghshineh

Download the manual

Produced as part of the subject area Interactive Media at the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.